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Individual shops register on so that...

Unique stores from all over the world start to sell their individual products on This is made possible by a standard of quality that guarantees the best quality of clothing combined with an extraordinarely high level of individuality.

...trendd can bring the individuality to you...

By creating an entirely new marketplace for small vendors from the most versitile locations of Europe, individuals from different places can experience the unique accents of fashion that does not need to be located in their hometown.

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...for you to create your own style!

This way, you and others can experience the unique flavors of fashion from all over Europe and the world. The possibility of expressing your true self through fashion and clothing has never been greater!

Better for you, your style and the people

With many large retailers available from the comfort of your home, it’s no surprise that smaller retailers struggle under the weight of these giants. Paired with the economic problems caused by COVID-19, now more than ever local retailers are in need of our help to continue to serve the community.

All of us are committed to protecting the planet, now it is time to do even more. While we are constantly seeking to minimize our carbon footprint, it is our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and help as many people as possible to do the same.

When we ditch the idea of preconceived identity based on who we were born or who we are supposed to be, we start to express our real self. We want to not only share this idea but also enable people to act upon it, which is why we aim to offer the most exclusive pieces of clothing to allow you to express who you really are!

Worldwide Shipping

Shipping to Switzerland, Germany and Austria with worldwide shipping coming soon!

Best Quality

With top tier partners, we can guarantee customers the best quality of unique pieces.

Best Offers

Special offers on unique items allow everybody to express themselves without spending a fortune.

Secure Payments

Guaranteed safety of payment with guaranteed return of payment within 30 days.